AJ Toys!

Hey Jammers! Vanillarainbow here. Anddd, I got some Animal Jam toys! (Yay!) I took lots of pictures, so, let’s jump right into the post.


So, I was shopping in Walmart just the other day when I remembered that ANIMAL JAM TOYS WERE SELLING IN WALMART! And after searching the whole store very hard, we found AJ TOYSSS. As you can see in the picture above 😛


So I bought two, brought them home, and was too excited to open them. So you get this bad quality photo, heh ^


And then with a lot of struggle, (how do they fit so much stuff in that tiny house thing?!) I managed to open them! Check these out!


Awh, they look sooo cute.


They come with some pretty neat accessories that you can take off, or swap with other pets. … If for some reason you want a kangaroo with wings on its head..?


And they’re super tiny, look at this kangaroo in my hand! (And my hand is pretty small soo..)


These little guys come not only with a stackable house, but they also with a checklist and an online code.


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.56.23 PM.png

I think you get different gifts for each pet, (I’m not sure because I gave the other code to someone) but I got 500 gems for my turtle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.56.35 PM.png

You also get an online checklist for all the codes you enter! Sooo cool!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.56.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.57.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.57.29 PM.png

You just click on the toy box button, and check out all the cool little stickers you’ve collected!

So yeah, that’s about it! Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more posts on “Real Life” Animal Jam stuff (like Animal Jam events and items IRL). Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll cya in Jamaa!

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Hello Again Everyone!!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A very, very long time. Last time I posted, like actually posted was in February. A long time ago. But now after many, many months, I’m back! (or sort of back, heh) Thank you guys so much for sticking around, even though I haven’t been posting. You guys have to be the most amazing, positive, caring people in all of Jamaa!!

Anyways… I haven’t played Animal Jam since the beginning of this year, and soooo much has changed! Animal Jam finally has a non-member animal – the pig. Which is not only great for me cause I don’t have a membership anymore (heh), but also awesome for all the nm players. It’s nice to see AJHQ add another feature to the nm AJ community.

Another major change I’ve seen in Animal Jam is Masterpieces. I think this is an amazing idea! I’ve never seen anything like it in any other game, and I think it adds a whole new level of depth to Animal Jam. Now players can create and feature their own artwork in their dens, as well as trade and gift them to other players! Not to mention talented artists can get rares fairly easily. *hint hint to all those artists out there* Hahaha, but whether you’re a good artist, or a not so good artist (like myself), Masterpieces are still a great addition to the game.

NM animal, check. Masterpieces, covered. What else has happened since I stopped playing AJ?

Ohh, I know. Animal Jam toys!!! Remember that post I posted last year? Read it here! < self promo with no regrets 😛

Well, Animal Jam toys are now a reality! You can get them at Walmart for now (I think) as well as some Targets. But I’m pretty sure they’ll be available in other stores as well!


Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you in Jamaa! 😀

– vanillarainbow

A New Animal + Spikes This Weekend! + I Have a Username Name!

Hey guys! It’s Vanilla! First, I’d like to thank foxgirl426 for telling me about this update! Click the link to go check out her blog! And second of all, thanks for all the nice Jam-A-Grams! You guys are the best! Anyways, let’s get straight into the post!

Pet Tarantulas have arrived in Jamaa! The cute, creepy, little things are now in the Diamond Shop (of course) for 3 diamonds (of course). Oh well, at least they can help you collect Continue reading “A New Animal + Spikes This Weekend! + I Have a Username Name!”

Happy Night of the Phantoms! + Some New Features

Hey everyone! Vanilla here! And, Happy October! You know what that means! The Night of the Phantoms returns!

And all it’s festivities come back too! Bitter Sweets, the candy collecting adventure is back for another year!

Bitter Sweets Returns

The Haunted Mansion and the Phantom Vortex are here again! The Phantom Vortex prize is different every year, so I wonder it is this time!

Epic Haunted Manor + Phantom Vortex

And the Spookiest Party in all Jamaa has returned as well! And it brought the Pet Bats along too! Here’s a hint to where the bats are: look at the wallpaper.

Spooky Party + Pet Bats

Along with the old, comes some new things! Check out these cool new features!
Game Icon + Theater Shop

At the top left of your screen, you can now click on the game icon! It’ll show you all the awesome games you can play in Jamaa! It’s a super quick way to find all your favorite games! Also, there’s a new shop! It’s located in Sarepia Theater. Theater Shop, huh? Maybe they sell stuff for dramatic roleplays! 😛


See ya in Jamaa!

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Graham’s Workshop + A New Animal + Play Wild for Everyone!

Hey Jammers! Vanilla here. So sorry I couldn’t post this update earlier, my computer couldn’t connect to the internet… Anyways, AJHQ added a ton of new features to Animal Jam!

On the first page, you’ll see this cool new adventure! Graham’s workshop is a ton of fun! You can collect all sorts of resources, and buy amazing items with them! The best thing is, the adventure is for all Jammers! Non-members can play it too! 😀

New Adventure - Grahms Workshop

Also, Play Wild is out! All countries can now play it! And, it’s free!

AJHQ sends play wild

Another big event – guess what’s coming to Jamaa!  Continue reading “Graham’s Workshop + A New Animal + Play Wild for Everyone!”

[class Object]? What?

Hey Jammers! Vanilla here! And thanks again for all the nice Jam-a-Grams and gifts! You guys are awesome!

So this is a glitch that Jammers all Jamaa have been doing! It’s the [class Object] glitch! Well, that’s what I call it! 😛 So basically all you need to do it type the word: constructor

And that’s it! Instead of “constructor”, [class Object] will appear! Apparently, it’s a bit of coding that allows you to create objects! That’s how AJHQ made AJ! Pretty cool huh?

[class Object]

See ya in Jamaa!!

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Llamas are Here! + New Pets + Gems are Gone!?

Hey Jammers! It’s Vanilla! And, there’s just been a new update in Jamaa! Check it out!

Llamas are finally here! It’s been a long wait, but they’re here! You can buy them in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. It’s kinda disappointing – AJHQ hasn’t made a non-member animal in quite a while. Still, these animals are great!

Llamas are here!

And you can learn more about them in the Chamber of Knowledge! They’ve added a llama minibook!


You can learn about their habitat in the Conservation Musuem!

There’s also a new pet contest! I think all of them are super cute!

pet contest

But my favorite one of all is the peacock! It’s got so many different colors!

pet contest voting

You know what else has lots of colors?

New adventure items

The Rainbow Armor Set! I love all the beautiful colors there are in this outfit. So bright! 😀

The Freedom Party is back! I’m super excited, I can’t wait for all the cool items!

Freedom stuff

And in honor of the Freedom Party, Freedom Plushies are in the Summer Carnival! (Try saying that three times fast!) 😛

They’re so cute! I especially like the sugar glider!

Notice anything strange in the picture below? Anything missing?

Missing Gems

Yes, the gems! Where are the gems?! They’re gone!!

That’s what I was like when I first logged on to Animal Jam. The gems have actually Continue reading “Llamas are Here! + New Pets + Gems are Gone!?”

Thanks! + Summer Carnival + A Secret Image

Hello everyone! It’s vanillarainbow! Before I type anything else, I’d like to thank you guys for sending me all those nice Jam-A-Grams and gifts! It feels really great to know you guys like my blog! Thanks so much!

And secondly, I’m so sorry this post is late! So, without further ado, let’s get on with this post!

The Summer Carnival is back! And they’ve even added a new area to it! You can go check it out.

Summer Carnival

And as the summer goes on, you’ll be able to redeem new prizes! I can’t wait to see what they are!

Tickets and Prizes

AJHQ hasn’t only added a new area in the Summer Carnival, they’ve added something new in Jamaa too! The Appondale Theater is where you can watch AJ’s animated videos! It’s located in Appondale. (If that wasn’t obvious enough.)

Appondale Theater

Continue reading “Thanks! + Summer Carnival + A Secret Image”