Leaked Den Items!! + I Went To AJHQ’s Den?!

Heyyy guys! It’s Vanilla! I have some super exciting news to share with you! So read on! Five words. I went to AJHQ’s den! It was awesome! There were some super cool unreleased den items, and plushies! Check out the pictures I got!
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Fman122 Has Returned!?

Hiya Jammers! It’s Vanilla here! Today I have a pretty interesting topic. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Fman. He’s a hacker, that used to stroll around Jamaa hacking innocent Jammers. He was banned from Animal Jam permanently, but rumor has it that he has RETURNED! (Dun dun dun!!) Wait! Don’t freak out! Here’s what’s actually going on:

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Unreleased Item “71” Is “Monster Eyes”?

Hey Jammers! It’s vanillarainbow here! So I’ve been looking at some unreleased Animal Jam items lately, and noticed something interesting… The unreleased item, know as “71”, looks pretty similar to the “Spooky Eyes” that arrived in Jamaa a couple of days ago. Could “71” have been a sort of prototype of this item? Check out these photos:

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Animal Jam Figurines!? Leaked Photos!!

Hello Jammers! It’s vanillarainbow here! Today I have some exciting/weird/cool (pick one) news!! I think I may have found a picture of an Animal Jam figurine!! Look!

Animal Jam Figurines

Apparently, this toy was spotted in one of the Wild Explorers videos! Animal Jam did say they were working on some figurines! I’m super excited! If I discover any more news, I’ll definitely post it on this blog!

Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you in Jamaa!

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Some Interesting Old Animal Jam Glitches

Hey Jammers! It’s Vanilla here! I haven’t been posting a lot lately. As you know, I’ve been super busy! But I’m glad I could post today! I also noticed that we’ve reached 17,000 views! That’s amazing! I’m so thankful for all of you guys! Anyways, enough talk. Let’s get right to the post!

There wasn’t much going on in Animal Jam this week. Just some new items. So, I decided to pull out some old photos that (for some reason) I didn’t post. Check them out!

Number Glitch

First, we have the number name glitch! This used to happen all the time during late 2014 to early 2015. I still wonder what the numbers mean. Is it the Continue reading “Some Interesting Old Animal Jam Glitches”

Handcuffs?!? Unreleased Animal Jam Item!

Hey Jammers! vanillarainbow here! Today I have a pretty interesting item to talk about – Handcuffs!
This item is actually not an edit, as you might think. I was surprised myself when I learnt this! One of the lions in AJ’s new tutorial was wearing handcuffs, until they were replaced with Musketeer Boots! Strange huh? Just check out these pictures!

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[class Object]? What?

Hey Jammers! Vanilla here! And thanks again for all the nice Jam-a-Grams and gifts! You guys are awesome!

So this is a glitch that Jammers all Jamaa have been doing! It’s the [class Object] glitch! Well, that’s what I call it! 😛 So basically all you need to do it type the word: constructor

And that’s it! Instead of “constructor”, [class Object] will appear! Apparently, it’s a bit of coding that allows you to create objects! That’s how AJHQ made AJ! Pretty cool huh?

[class Object]

See ya in Jamaa!!

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