Rare Item Monday! – Rare Square Glasses

Hey Jammers! Vanilla here! This week’s rare is the Rare Square Glasses! Take a look!

Rare Square Glasses

You can find them at Jam Mart Clothing on the fifth page.

Also, here’s some Animal Jam trivia for you!

Did you know that the first RIM rare was the Rare Jolly Elf Hat?


RIM – Rare Freedom Fruit Hat! + I’m a Shark on Land?!

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted for the whole week! I’ve been really busy – rushing back and forth all around town! Anyways, I’m glad I could post today! 😀

This week’s rare is the Rare Freedom Fruit Hat!

Rare Fruit Hat

You can buy it for 750 gems at Bahari Bargains. I think this hat looks really silly! Blue grapes, red bananas, and a red pineapple? Maybe fruits from Jamaa come in many different colors! Jamaasian fruit. 😛

And…. Look at this glitch! I’m a shark on land! Continue reading

Rare Item Monday – Rare Hula Skirt!

Hello Jammers! It’s Vanilla! Thank you guys so much for all the nice messages and gifts! It just makes me so happy to read through all of them!

I haven’t done a RIM post in a while, so I thought I’d do one today! 😀 This week’s rare is the Rare Hula Skirt!

Rare Hula Skirt

I really like the look of this skirt. It’s just so summery and nature-y (I just made up my own word! :P) Plus, I think it looks great on otters!

Hula Skirt on Otter

Especially with these new Spring Flowers items! 😀

See you in Jamaa!!

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