About Vanillarainbow

Hi! I’m vanillarainbow, the creator of this blog. I’ve been playing Animal Jam since 2010, and blogging since 2013! (If you’ve been viewing my blog for a while, you’ll know that I got hacked that year too…) When I’m not playing Animal Jam, I’m usually reading, baking, or dancing.

Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  1. To be honest nobody should be getting hacked i hope you got your items Vanilla cuz if u didnt i wont be happy nobody should get hacked :l and thats it

      • Tbh that is ridiculous why are people like fman122 apparently still on and parently squad something is coming in 2016 but i witnessed myself after christmas that WretchedJungle was acctually on aj i was freaking out :l

    • Okay, so on a computer there’ll be a bar at the top left corner. Scroll over it, and you see a button that says WP Admin. Click on it. After that, click on pages. It should be on a list thingy (I don’t know how to explain it) to the left of your screen. 😊

Comment here! Happy Jamming :)

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