The Things I’ve Learnt From Being Bad At Sports

Okay, so I’m not bad at all sports. I love to play badminton and I dance ballet, but I cannot for the life of me play volleyball. I’m so bad at volleyball, I can’t even play it without getting hit in the head at least once. You must be asking: “Why do you play it then?” Well to that I answer: I have it for gym. Although I haven’t learnt much from the class (meaning I still suck), I’ve learnt some pretty valuable life lessons.

Here’s some context in full dramatized glory:

I’m scared. I can’t. The white ball is hurling at me at I don’t know how many miles per hour. Backing up, I crouch and hit the ball as hard as I can, trying to make it fly up so someone else can hit it. The ball zooms and hits the gym ceiling, ricocheting off anything and everything like the tiny metal ball in a pinball machine. Great. Not again. Before I can move, it slams straight into my face. This has happened so many times, my team doesn’t even come to see if I’m okay. “Get it together.” I tell myself. My face is now red and firey. I stare down the ball flying right at my face. One of my teammates yells: “DON’T BACK UP! JUST HIT IT!” I squeeze my eyes shut and brace for the impact on my forearms. Smack. The white ball shoots through the air like a bullet. I HIT IT OVER THE NET!

The moral of the story kids: Laugh at your mistakes, don’t be intimidated, and most importantly, just go for it.


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