The Things I’ve Learnt From Being Bad At Sports

Okay, so I’m not bad at all sports. I love to play badminton and I dance ballet, but I cannot for the life of me play volleyball. I’m so bad at volleyball, I can’t even play it without getting hit in the head at least once. You must be asking: “Why do you play it then?” Well to that I answer: I have it for gym. Although I haven’t learnt much from the class (meaning I still suck), I’ve learnt some pretty valuable life lessons.

Here’s some context in full dramatized glory:

I’m scared. I can’t. The white ball is hurling at me at I don’t know how many miles per hour. Backing up, I crouch and hit the ball as hard as I can, trying to make it fly up so someone else can hit it. The ball zooms and Continue reading “The Things I’ve Learnt From Being Bad At Sports”


Well, it’s back to school…

Winter break is over, and so are the days of waking up at noon. School is back and the nights of seemingly endless homework are just about to begin. Since reading my complaints about school isn’t the most interesting, I’ll just write an (exaggerated) account of a normal student’s (my) life. (Cause where better to post my exaggerated stories than the internet?)

6:00 am. Too early to open my eyes, too early to get out of bed. My phone alarm screams from under my pillow. “Turn it off.” I whisper, half hoping my alarm will understand me. I want to crawl back under the warmth of my blankets. But I know I have to be up and ready within a few minutes.

7:05 am. Running. I’m going to miss it. The yellow school bus turns the corner, and I’m racing to actually catch it this time. Cold air freezes my breath and turns it into silver mist. I’m finally in the bus. I greet the bus driver and sit at my normal seat, right beneath the heater. I made it.

7:45 am. The school bell rings. I’m so tired. I’m lucky to have study hall first block. Out into the freezing cold again, I speed walk to my classroom. The standard blue chairs are arranged in a circle. There are no desks, but this study never has desks anyways. Typing, typing an essay for another hour.

8:40 – 10:20 am. Math and science are back to back. I need to study for all the midterms coming up. Please be lunch soon. Math tests are graded. My heart beats a little faster then slows as I realize my grade. I need to work harder.

10:30. Art class. Finally a break. I’m quietly sitting at my desk in the corner, still thinking about math. I’m stressing out, but can’t do anything to calm myself. I take a deep breath, and try to push my disappointments out of my head. It’s hard, but finally I focus on my project.

11:15. It’s lunch, but I suddenly don’t feel hungry anymore. I sit, feeling outside of the world, alone in my thoughts, wondering if I could have done better. I talk to a few people, eat a little bit of food, but concentrate on the project I didn’t Continue reading “Well, it’s back to school…”

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!

Merry (late) Christmas everyone!! I hope you had an amazing Christmas; I know I did. I could list why the holiday season is the BEST time of year forever, but here are my top eight. 😊


Waking up late, watching video after video on YouTube. No further explanation needed.


Don’t you agree that food just tastes better when it’s the holidays? Warm hot chocolate, buttery sugar cookies with those green sprinkles, the cinnamon-y gingerbread men – all while sitting near fireplace looking out on a winter wonderland. (Or a tropical beach depending on where you live)


Vibrant reds, greens and gold lights glitter from every lamppost and drape around every tree. Various Santas smile from every corner, three wise men bestow gifts upon a little baby Jesus. Christmas trees sparkle with colorful ornaments and wreathes and bows decorate wooden doors. This is definitely the most wonderful time of year. ❤️


(I’m looking at the word “receiving” and it doesn’t look like it’s spelled right in caps but oh well) 

Gift-giving has to be my favorite part of the holidays. The joy giving presents brings you and the other person is one of the best feelings in the world! Also, it’s fun to go shopping for presents. (Well mostly I just like shopping 😂)


Cause I like to buy stuff… enough said.


Ever wondered what the holidays smell like? Well, I guess lots of people did because there’s holiday scented everything – candles, bath bombs, pencils, and everything in between, and I absolutely love it. Pine, cedar, gingerbread spice, I promise it smells like snow (and I don’t even know what snow smells like)


The holiday season is really about community, about everyone coming together to celebrate hope and love, and have lots of fun! The beauty and enjoyment of the holidays is even better when it’s spent with others.