Snow Place Like Home For the Growlidays

Did you know that there’s a Great White Furi who lives up on Stumpy Peak in the CloudyCloth Mountains? Around this time of year, his allergies start acting up. When that happens, the Great White Furi sneezes. And when the Great White Furi sneezes, Monstro City gets COVERED in… Well, let’s just call it “snow.”

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL? I just LOVE snot snow! I love the way it crunches under my boots, the way it looks nestled in the tree branches, and of course SNOWBALLS!

– From the Daily Growl



Moshi Monsters The Movie Roadshows Across The UK

Hamleys to host exclusive Moshi Monsters: The Movie roadshows across the UK

Initiative kicks off on Sunday November 10th at the Regent Street, London store.

Hamleys is hosting a series of exclusive Moshi Monsters: The Movie road shows across its four stores: London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Dundrum (Dublin).

Each store will feature character appearances from Poppet and Katsuma against a movie themed backdrop. Kids will also get the chance to have a special photo shoot with the mysterious Great Moshling Egg, which is central to the upcoming movie story line.

Hamleys will also be hosting a competition on its website until December 20th for fans to win four annual passes for Cineworld in conjunction with Universal Pictures.

It will also be handing out stickers throughout the activity, as well as showcasing the trailer for the movie. The official soundtrack will also be aired for the first time and the movie release will be tagged on local radio stations.

The Glasgow store will feature all six Moshi Monsters together for the first time in Scotland on Sunday November 17th, as part of the store’s ‘bringing toys to life’ campaign this Christmas.

“We have a fantastic retail partnership with Hamleys and we’re excited to bring the magic of Moshi Monsters to their kingdom,” said Clare Wiggins, manager of global live and events at Mind Candy. “The movie is hugely exciting for kids around the country and we feel like a road show is a great way to get them directly involved.”

Moshi Monsters the Movie!

ATTENTION MOSHI FANS! The Moshi Movie will be in cinemas 20th December, 2013. Sweet! It’s TRUE! Check it out!

Join Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle, and the other Moshi Monsters in an action-packed, song-filled race against time! What’s Dr. Strangeglove up to now… ?

To watch the trailer click this link:

note: Sorry! This movie will be showing in the UK only.

Now Open: Party Palace!

Party PalaceThe Party Palace is now open! You can visit it by map. Stock up on sweet clothes at the Marketplace and head over to Party Palace, which has opened its doors for the first time ever! Now you can compete on stage against other players in themed dress up competitions. The player with the most votes wins!

Moshi Mission: Save Zack Binspin!

Monstro City has gone Moptop mad with the news that Moshi Music gooperstar Zack Binspin is playing Trembly Stadium! And there’s more! As a special thanks to the Super Moshis for saving the city so many times, Elder Furi is giving every Super Moshi a free V.I.P. backstage pass for Zack’s concert!


This just in, Moshi fans! It seems all is NOT well backstage with Binspin! The singing sensation has lost his teddy and he’s throwing a celebrity tantrum! Somebody needs to calm him down before he cancels the show!

Have you got what it takes to find Zack’s missing bear and get the concert back on track? Head to Monstro City to play part one of the monsterific musical mission: MOPTOP MISCHIEF!