Unreleased Llamas??

Hello guys! 😀 It’s vanillarainbow here! And I’ve got some more leaked photos for you! Check it out!

Unreleased Llama

Unreleased Llama 2

So this animal was originally owned by 1231. She got banned, so you can’t search it her up now, but look! She had a Llama! 1231 was a non member, so I wonder if that means that Llamas will be for non-members!

So, 1231 actually made a video of her llama, but it was removed due to copyright issues… So basically, you can’t watch it anymore. So, in her video she says she just logged on and had this llama. It’s hard for me to believe this story – if she accidentally got this llama, AJHQ probably wouldn’t ban her. Interesting…


  1. i saw this video before and you might be suppressed because i was her buddy now and I still am so her den is my little secret hide out.

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