About the Authors

Other than me, (vanillarainbow) different Jammers have posted on this blog! (They quit posting, but I thought I’d still feature them. Afterall they did post on this blog! 😀 ) Here they are! 😀


Hello! I’m TopsyHat2! I first started Animal Jam in 2011, after seeing an advertisement on TV. My favorite thing to do (other than playing AJ) is drawing!



Hi everyone! I’m xxBetaman2424xx, some of you might know me better as Billy2424. (I’ve changed my username.) Vanillarainbow introduced me to Animal Jam in 2012. And since then, I’ve been introducing other people to Animal Jam as well! I even have my own YouTube channel!



Hi guys! I’m xxpinkmarshmallowxx. I started to play Animal Jam in 2015, and was introduced by vanillarainbow. I love doing crafts, and playing sports!


Comment here! Happy Jamming :)

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