Moshling Watch: Jarvis the Prickly Pinkipine

Hello Monsters! And merry Twistmas! Take a look at this unreleased moshling, Jarvis!



It’s not easy making friends when you’re as prickly as a Pointy Pinkipine but these super-friendly Moshlings try their best, snuggling up to passers-by whenever they can. Unfortunately they usually end up frightening off potential friends before they get a chance to explain that their spikes are incredibly squishy!



Candelion crumble and pedicures.


Balloons and Pluffs.


Have a monsterific day! 😀






Moshling Watch : Snuggy the Cuddly Wibble

Hi Monsters! vanillarainbow (or vanillarainbow10 on Moshi Monsters) here. Check out this awesome unreleased moshling, Snuggy!




Cuddly Wibbles are ultra cute and super snuggly but they are also surprisingly shocking – literally, because the fluffy purple onesies they wear are charged with static electricity which they use to power the mini heaters in their bobble hats and charge up their phones.


Cuddly Wibbles congregate in Tribbledown, a small hamlet past the Puzzle Palace but they can also be found napping in sock drawers.



Fluffy Snugglers and hotel slippers.


Sunbathing and dyed beards.


Have a monsterific day! 😀




Moshling Watch: Splatter

Splatter the Abstract Artiste has been spotted in the Moshling Zoo! He is in the Arties set along with Scrumpy and Misty.

Splatter is a Uncommon moshling, but he doesn’t have a flower combination. He might be a prize for a Moshi Mission!Splatter HQ




Is it art or an utter shambles? Who cares because every Abstract Artiste’s ambition is to win the coveted Blurgh-ner Prize For Bafflingly Bonkers Art. That’s why these crazy Moshlings spend all day flicking gluey glitter at passers-by and pickling slices of Oobla Doobla in huge tanks of fluorescent jelly. Magnifique!


Locked Splatter Seed1 Locked


Go to Beret Boulevard and you’re sure to find a few Abstract Artistes arguing about the merits of nose painting with marmalade.


Emptying bins over unmade beds and finger painting.


Anything in the Googenheim and art critics.


Moshling Watch: Hoolio!

Moshis vs Ghosts has come! And the final moshling in the Roxstars set has now appeared in the Zoo!

Hoolio the Creepy Crooner has joined the other Roxstars, Bobbi SingSong, Ziggy and Zack Binspin.

Hoolio Moshling



He is dead good on the guitar, Creepy Crooners are the wandering minstrels who love playing mournful mariachi music, especially when there is a full moon. With their colourful make up and snazzy outfits they can often be found in posh Moshi restaurants serenading diners, handing out dead roses and collecting tips in their hats. How romantic!


Piñatas filled with bugs and rotten tortillas


Daylight and decent melodies.


Hoolio can be found at Dearly Departed Drive where you are sure to find a few Creepy Crooners de-tuning their guitars.


How to get

Wanna know how to get him? Play Moshis Vs Ghosts!

To go to Moshis Vs Ghosts,  click on Goosebump Manor on the Map. Or, look under “What’s New in your Moshi Monster’s house.

Once you get there, look to the right and you’ll see a silhouette of Hoolio. It’ll say you need 10000 Ecto Gloops to get him.

Moshis vs Ghosts, 10000 Ectogloop Points

You’ll need to play the Spectre Collector mini-game in Moshis vs Ghosts. Bump into a ghost to play it.

Blue ghosts will give you one Ecto Gloop point, Greens give you two, Pinks give you five and Reds will give you a massive 10 Ecto Gloops!

If you’re a non-member however, you can’t blast ghosts. Non-members can press shoo and get one Ecto Gloop.

As you earn Ecto Gloops you’ll unlock  different Treasures and if you can get 10000 Ecto Gloops , you’ll get Hoolio!







Moshling Watch: Peekaboo!

Peekaboo has arrived! And he’s the first member of the new Woodies set.

Peekaboo, the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey is an Uncommon Moshling.

There’s no flower combination for Peekaboo yet, so there’s a possibility that you may get him by completing a Super Moshi mission,

or from Katsuma Unleashed. One thing we know is that he’s going to have Moshling Madness seeds, but they’re still unreleased.

We don’t know a lot about Peekaboo right now so……umm…. Why don’t you read his bio?



Is it a walking tree stump or a shy woodland critter in disguise?

Who knows, because Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies scurry away whenever you get near them.

One thing’s for sure, these highly-strung Moshlings will squirt slippy sap at anyone who tickles so much as a twig, so leaf ‘em alone!


Usually in the Wobbly Woods but they have been known to shed their bark around the Unknown Zone.


Check shirts and linseed oil.


Chainsaws and ramblers.

If you know how to catch Peekaboo, please comment and tell us.

Moshling Watch: Hissy!

HissyHissy has just been discovered in the wilds of Monstro City! He is in the Hipsters set with YoYo!


Psst…’ No,it’s not a secret, it’s the noise Jazzy Wigglers make whenever they hear a wild tune. Distant relatives of Beatnik Boas, these way-cool Moshlings can’t resist making jazzy sounds 24/7 by poking out their tongues and shaking their jellybean tail rattles. They don’t wanna hiss a thing!


You can find Hissy slithering out of the Purple Banana Jazz Club, Jazzy Wigglers originate from Thelonious Thicket.


Clarinet solos and berets


Squares and stairs


Peppers any Moon purple Black Apple

Moshling Watch: New Set – Techies 2.0

A new set has appeared in the moshling zoo! The techies 2.0 has just come out and has two new moshlings for us to add to our moshling collection!

Micro Dave

Micro Dave Moshling

Micro Dave has finally appeared!

Micro Dave was the winning entry to the 2012 Design a Moshling competition.

It’s weird that it’s taken so long for Micro Dave to appear, especially when you consider that Pinestien,

the 2013 competition winner has already appeared!

Micro Dave is a Ultra Rare Moshling.

Code to catch Micro Dave the Popty-Ping:

  • Blue Hot Silly Peppers
  • Blue Hot Silly Peppers
  • Pink Star Blossom

Cosmo, The Mini Moshulator

Cosmo Moshling

Cosmo, the Mini-Moshulator, has also appeared in the Techies 2.0 set along-side Micro Dave.

Cosmo is an Ultra Rare Moshling.

Code to catch Cosmo:

3x Black Hot Silly Peppers

Moshling Watch: Ziggy!

ZiggyZiggy the Quirky Koala is a soon to be moshling in Moshi Monsters. She is unreleased for now and is in the RoxStars set. I’m happy to say, that she’s being released next week!


Pump up the glam because Quirky Koalas are the music-loving Moshlings that enjoy face-painting and stomping around to flamboyant old songs. If you see one sprinkling glitter on the ground, don’t worry – it’s probably preparing to mark its territory by performing a signature glitter angel.


Scoffing pukecalyptus leaves and radical theatre


Anything grey and shoe staring.


Some say they fell from space but most experts agree Quirky Koalas hail from Stardust Street on Music Island.