Member and NM Costumes for the Night Of The Phantoms!

Hiya Jammers! It’s Vanilla! So I’ll be doing something a little bit different in this post. It’ll be a sort of Animal Jam Fashion Lookbook thingy. Basically, it’s ideas for Animal Jam Outfits!

The first look I’ve put together is a NM (non-member) phantom costume. I used some phantom armor, but you can just use the base if you don’t have any. A phantom helmet would look great with this outfit as well!

NM Phantom Outfit

For members, you can just add a phantom mask. This looks so cool! Especially when you’re a bunny.

M Phantom Outfit

Next up, the angel costume! For this, I used white cupid wings, a halo from Jam Mart Clothing, and a white star necklace from the Summer Carnival. If you don’t have cupid wings or the necklace, you can just use the halo. Or any other wings would be okay too.

M Angel Outfit

For a non-member version of this costume, you can just use a white ribbon scarf!

NM Angel Outfit

Blue mech angel wings would look cool too! 😀

Another costume idea! I’ve made two member witch outfits! Here’s the first one. For this orange witch costume, I used a gray and orange witch hat for Jam-Mart-Clothes, and the white star necklace again. You could also use a scarf or another necklace in place of this one! 😀

M Orange Witch Outfit

Annnddd, here’s the second look! For this purple witch outfit all you need to do is go to the Spooky Party! Or maybe it’s the Haunted Forest Party… I forgot…. Anyways, just buy the whole scary witch set. 😛

M Purple Witch Outfit

And the last costume is this awesome unicorn/pegasus outfit!! This one is definitely my favorite!

M Unicorn Outfit

I used a unicorn horn, which you can get from the horse party, white cupid wings, and a lighting necklace!

Thanks for reading! And Happy Night of the Phantoms! Comment down below which costume is your favorite! See you in Jamaa!! 😀

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