Epic Dens – Goldenwillows

Hey Jammers! Check out this awesome den!


I really like the garden theme! Great job Eternal! 😀


See ya in Jamaa!



Epic Dens : Aztecsunrise

Hey Jammers! Check out our first den feature of 2015!Aztecsunrise

Isn’t it awesome!? Snowflake did a fantastic job decorating! Great work Snowflake! 😀

See you in Jamaa!



Author Den Features!

Hey guys ! It’s xXBetaMan2424Xx here! I see that more and more of you guys are getting your dens featured. But since this den series is getting more exciting, I would like to introduce the authors’ dens! For the first post, we are going to start with xxpinkmarshmallowxx!

Alistair's Project

What an awesome den! If you’re wondering who the artic wolf is, I’ve invited a special guest! Lucky Snowyclaw  is  joining us! Her den will be featured soon! As you may notice, the panda is xxpinkmarshmallowxx and the wolf is me, xXBetaMan2424Xx! And yes, my membership expired. Which is quite sad but it’s still awesome! Anyways, let’s get back to the subject .

                                                                    Alistair's Project 2

a lovely side view from the porch!

Alistair's Project 3

An awesome backyard with a lake and picnic area!

Alistair's Project 4

And last but not least, the front yard! It has a lemonade stand and a pet acacia tree!

I hope you enjoy this den series and look forward to more!

– xXBetaMan2424Xx