Animal Jam Enchanted Earth? Leaked Photos!

Hello Jammers! It’s vanillarainbow here. I have some very exciting news! So read on!


So while I was scrolling through posts in the Play Wild Beta Google+ community, I came across these photos! Animal Jam Enchanted Earth? I wondered what this was, until I came across an interesting article.

“To extend the experience offline, and connect with the brands’ growing popularity in international markets, Commonwealth is launching a large-scale marketing campaign and a variety of products this fall at US retail and online, including plush animals and figurines, to tie in with an all-new series of Animal Jam characters.”

You can read more here:

Did you notice that? Plush animals and figurines! Is that was enchanted earth could be? 


This bunny looks exactly like the one in the picture above! Maybe you unlock a special pattern for you Animal Jam character?

Do you think this is actually true? Feel free to comment down below, and let me know! 😀

See ya in Jamaa!


    • It’s true, AJ is not shutting down. AJHQ said so themselves. So did Clark Stacey, the CEO of Animal Jam. So I’m happy to tell you that, Animal Jam is not shutting down 2016. Yay! 😀

  1. Yes it seems that this information is correct. From the information that I have gathered from observation of the game, it seems that they are releasing something new every month to make nonmembers interested in buying membership cards. But what if these additions to the game are only preparing jammers for the characters to come? Its just a theory XD

    • lol sorry I meant to say “every two months” not “every month”. It could be two times each season though. I’m not really sure of the frequency at which they will be adding new things…

  2. Also if anyone wanted to buddy me on aj my username is: siana62005 And also me and my sister make videos we only have 1’000 🙂
    Also plz trade me a rare purple worn if i get 1 I will have all the worns!!!!!

  3. If it’s and adventure it continues the story cause like AJHQ made search for freely then they just did not continue it!! 😦 so I hope we get to meet these cool creatures and maybe get to be 1!

  4. I think u did rlly good with explaining the enchanted earth vanilla!! I think it’s going to be a store were u can buy patterns for ur animal and if u saw the leaked photo of that jammer that had those tithing between the tickets and diamond I bet that’s wat u use to pay for the patterns 😀 I’m sooooooo exited for the enchanted earth! But it also migh be a adventure since it says series…

  5. i have only seen the bunny, but i did not know they were making more… the bunny is avaliable from a membership card, you just… GET IT!

  6. This has nothing to do what you guys are talkin’ bout, but I think they closed animal jam FOREVER!!!!! Witch means we can’t ever play again! Cause I tried to log in, but it said that the nasty phantoms came back AND they said they had to fix the mess they made. WRONG that’s not why we cant play anymore, it’s cause one time a girl said they were shuting aj down because people were being mean. ( or because they didn’t make enough money).

    • they are not shutting animal jam down that is just a rumor that someone made up i even asked animal jam

  7. Accually… It’s the Spring Bunny You have to buy it IDK the Plushy real life Market? Idk But It’s not a Rumor, They are now in animal jam, Now since I heard about the fox… I think it’s going to come soon like the Spring Bunny! I can’t Wait What would the look like?!

  8. If you’re wondering where I got these photos, I found them on the Play Wild Beta Google+ Community.

    I think the top one is originally from the article I linked to in the post, and the bottom one is probably from Snowyclaw’s blog (

    I’m not sure where the middle one originally came from. Twinkle0122 AJ ( might have made it.

    (Correct me if I’m wrong. Hehe..) 😀

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