Goodbye Vanillarainbow, Goodbye Forever…


My account, vanillarainbow, as you all know has been hacked. The person who hacked me impersonated me, acted inappropriately, and now I’ve been banned for life. 😦 We called AJHQ, and they said that once a person has been banned for life, they can never get they’re account unbanned. So I am very sorry to say that vanillarainbow will never be back on Animal Jam. So I guess I’m starting from scratch. No more items for me. And I’m also very sorry to say that I can’t share my new username either. Goodbye vanillarainbow, Goodbye forever. 😦


18 thoughts on “Goodbye Vanillarainbow, Goodbye Forever…

  1. omg i got hacked too they acted innoproprite what if its the same person WARNING A HUGE WAVE OF SREAM COMINGAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If I’m taking up space than you can unbuddy me. But you could keep me as your buddy so you can remember me. Sorry, but I can’t share my username on Cherrylimesoda. I hope that we can meet up on AJ soon.

  2. Reason: This mean guy hacked her, so AJHQ thought vanillarainbow was being inapropiate and mean. The next day she logged in, it said she was suspended for no reason. This happened to me on my account too,but not forever just for 3 days. So sorry to all our friends. We will still be online, but we’re not going to tell our usernames since we keep getting hacked.


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