Moshling Watch: Splatter

Splatter the Abstract Artiste has been spotted in the Moshling Zoo! He is in the Arties set along with Scrumpy and Misty.

Splatter is a Uncommon moshling, but he doesn’t have a flower combination. He might be a prize for a Moshi Mission!Splatter HQ




Is it art or an utter shambles? Who cares because every Abstract Artiste’s ambition is to win the coveted Blurgh-ner Prize For Bafflingly Bonkers Art. That’s why these crazy Moshlings spend all day flicking gluey glitter at passers-by and pickling slices of Oobla Doobla in huge tanks of fluorescent jelly. Magnifique!


Locked Splatter Seed1 Locked


Go to Beret Boulevard and you’re sure to find a few Abstract Artistes arguing about the merits of nose painting with marmalade.


Emptying bins over unmade beds and finger painting.


Anything in the Googenheim and art critics.



Comment here! Happy Jamming :)

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