Moshling Watch: Hoolio!

Moshis vs Ghosts has come! And the final moshling in the Roxstars set has now appeared in the Zoo!

Hoolio the Creepy Crooner has joined the other Roxstars, Bobbi SingSong, Ziggy and Zack Binspin.

Hoolio Moshling



He is dead good on the guitar, Creepy Crooners are the wandering minstrels who love playing mournful mariachi music, especially when there is a full moon. With their colourful make up and snazzy outfits they can often be found in posh Moshi restaurants serenading diners, handing out dead roses and collecting tips in their hats. How romantic!


Piñatas filled with bugs and rotten tortillas


Daylight and decent melodies.


Hoolio can be found at Dearly Departed Drive where you are sure to find a few Creepy Crooners de-tuning their guitars.


How to get

Wanna know how to get him? Play Moshis Vs Ghosts!

To go to Moshis Vs Ghosts,  click on Goosebump Manor on the Map. Or, look under “What’s New in your Moshi Monster’s house.

Once you get there, look to the right and you’ll see a silhouette of Hoolio. It’ll say you need 10000 Ecto Gloops to get him.

Moshis vs Ghosts, 10000 Ectogloop Points

You’ll need to play the Spectre Collector mini-game in Moshis vs Ghosts. Bump into a ghost to play it.

Blue ghosts will give you one Ecto Gloop point, Greens give you two, Pinks give you five and Reds will give you a massive 10 Ecto Gloops!

If you’re a non-member however, you can’t blast ghosts. Non-members can press shoo and get one Ecto Gloop.

As you earn Ecto Gloops you’ll unlock  different Treasures and if you can get 10000 Ecto Gloops , you’ll get Hoolio!








Comment here! Happy Jamming :)

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