Moshling Watch: Peekaboo!

Peekaboo has arrived! And he’s the first member of the new Woodies set.

Peekaboo, the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey is an Uncommon Moshling.

There’s no flower combination for Peekaboo yet, so there’s a possibility that you may get him by completing a Super Moshi mission,

or from Katsuma Unleashed. One thing we know is that he’s going to have Moshling Madness seeds, but they’re still unreleased.

We don’t know a lot about Peekaboo right now so……umm…. Why don’t you read his bio?



Is it a walking tree stump or a shy woodland critter in disguise?

Who knows, because Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies scurry away whenever you get near them.

One thing’s for sure, these highly-strung Moshlings will squirt slippy sap at anyone who tickles so much as a twig, so leaf ‘em alone!


Usually in the Wobbly Woods but they have been known to shed their bark around the Unknown Zone.


Check shirts and linseed oil.


Chainsaws and ramblers.

If you know how to catch Peekaboo, please comment and tell us.


Comment here! Happy Jamming :)

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